Just How Dangerous Are Ziplines?

Outside Magazine | February 28, 2017
Accidents on zip lines in Southeast Asia have left Western tourists with lifelong injuries. As adventure parks make their way across the Pacific and open in every U.S. state, the question to ask: Is anyone regulating them?


What’s Happening In Standing Rock?

Outside Magazine | September 2, 2016
Two of our country’s biggest issues, racism and climate change, have collided on a North Dakota reservation. This week, I loaded up my station wagon with water and supplies and drove down for a look at a historic demonstration that could shape the national dialogue going forward.


The Man Who Created Bigfoot

Outside Magazine | July 5, 2016
Bob Gimlin was a small town cowboy when his friend coaxed him into hunting the famous mythical creature 50 years ago. Today, as the legend of Bigfoot has grown, Gimlin is viewed by the community of believers around the country as something of a prophet.


Is Social Media Screwing Over Explorers?

Outside Magazine | April 20, 2016
Young, tech-savvy adventurers are taking sponsors and funding away from grizzled, old-school explorers who aren’t strong on Facebook and Twitter. But they don’t always pull off the awesome feats they say they will.


Why Female River Guides Aren’t Welcome in the Grand Canyon

Outside Magazine | March 30, 2016
Last winter, a federal government report acknowledged a long-standing pattern of sexual harassment against female river guides employed by the National Park Service in the Grand Canyon. But no official account can capture the day-to-day realities of that harmful environment. Here, three former Park Service river guides recount what they endured, and discuss what needs to change.


Alone On The Ice

Outside Magazine | January 20, 2016
German explorer Martin Szwed claims to have shattered the speed record for a solo ski to the South Pole last year, but he has no evidence. Should anyone believe him?