Washington Post webpage redesigns

As a producer at the Washington Post, I kept an eye on analytics for the Business section, which included a handful of subpages: Economy, Policy and Regulations, Markets, etc. Even though some of the subpages weren’t getting much attention from viewers, they had the same maintenance demands as other pages.

It was a pain: Someone had to curate the pages and update them with fresh content every day, even though they weren’t generating many pageviews. So, with permission from my awesome supervisor, I took it upon myself to redesign a few of the underperforming subpages. By plugging the subpage for, say, Economy into a news channel I’d created on Trove.com (a now defunct Post property, RIP), I rigged the page to function as a live stream, automatically updating every minute with relevant Post stories. Essentially it was an automation hack.

It had a different look and feel than most of the Post, and it saved time and hassle so producers could focus on more pressing site demands and bigger projects. Check out the Economy or Policy and Regulation pages I outfitted with this feature. A screenshot of the Economy page is below:

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