Finding San Francisco’s Oldest Home

house-e1286742578294As part of my Master’s degree, I worked at a hyperlocal news site in San Francisco called Mission Local. While I was there I got cozy with engineers in the city’s Planning Department, and put together a project on what we deduced as the city’s oldest standing home. It’s a nondescript single-family house in the Mission District built sometime in the 1850s.

I wanted to tell the story visually as well as with traditional reporting and text, so I got to work: digging through the city’s planning archives, compiling old maps and schematics of the city in the 19th century. The idea was the show how the city developed around this particular property, while so many other buildings were torn down, relocated (yup, they used giant logs to roll houses from one spot to another), or burned. Then I visited the home and snapped a bunch of photos. What I came up with is a package of material on the house that serves as an insight into San Francisco’s rich history.

A few snapshots of I illustrated are below, and the full story is here.









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